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Legal Status

 SCON PRIVATE LIMITED is Registered under Company Act 1956,
 Registration No-03-03100 of 1988-89.

Strength and Capability

 We are a dedicated and qualified team of structural engineers, proficient personnel and drafting  technicians who have the skills and wide experience to undertake Earthquake proof structural  designs based on latest provisions of Bureau Indian Standards Specifications, for construction of  R.C.C. and Steel Structures varying from very simple to most challenging & complex, along with  working drawings of best quality with elaborate detailing backed up with latest know-how,  analysis-design-construction technique, and necessary equipments.

 Computer Hardware

 Hardware Lap Top        two numbers
 PC Core 2 duo               eleven numbers
 Dot Matrix Printer           one number
 Laser Printer                  two numbers
 Laser Printer Drafter    one number

 Software: In house developed

 Analysis and Design of R.C.C. Frames
 Analysis and Design of Open, Pile, Well Foundations
 Analysis and design of R.C.C. and Steel Structural Elements
 Analysis of Bridge Sub-Structure and Superstructure
 Analysis and design of Water Towers
 Continuous refinement and addition of software

Software: purchased

 STAAD-pro 2006 from Research Engineers
 STAAD-foundation from Research Engineers
 STRUDS- Latest version from soft tech Engineers
 ESR GSR- Latest version from soft tech Engineers

Our Services

 We are providing following Services:

  • Structural Engineering Design
  • Design of Industrial Buildings 
  • Civil Engineering Design
  • Highway Bridge design
  • Repairs and Rehabilitation work
  • Site supervisions.

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