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  Residential and Commercial complex

       21. Name of Project                 Ashiana Orchid
              Location                              Grater Noida, New Delhi
     22.  Name of Project                 FLATS FOR POWER GRID
              Location                              Karbigahiya, Patna
              Architect                              M/s. Kapoor & Associates
              Utility                                    Residential Flats
              No. of Floors                      G + 4
              Built Up Area                      30,000 Sft
              Structure                             Frame Structure
              Foundation                         Under-reamed pile with pile cap
              Approx. Cost                       Rs. 1.0 crore
              Scope of work                    Struct. design consultancy
              Consultancy fee                Rs 0.30 lac
              Completion                        Timely
       23. Name of Project                 Vasundhara Pearl Court
              Location                              Boring Road, Patna
Vasundhara Pearl Court
     24. Name of Project                Commercial Complex
               Location                             Boring Road, Patna
Commercial Complex
       25. Name of Project                 INDIAN OIL CORPORATION BUILDING
              Location                              Patliputra Colony, Patna
              Client                                   Manav Developers Pvt.Ltd.
              Architect                              M/s. Smriti Architect Pvt.Ltd.
              Utility                                    Residential Complex
              No. of Floors                      G + 7
              Built Up Area                      33,000 Sft
              Structure                             RCC Frame
              Foundation                         Under-reamed pile with pile cap
              Approx. Cost                       Rs. 1.1 crore
              Scope of work                    Struct. design consultancy
              Consultancy fee                Rs 0.35 lac
              Completion                        Timely
     26.Name of Project                 Rajendra Ram Plaza
              Location                              Exhibition Road, Patna
Rajendra Ram Plaza
       27. Name of Project                 Vishal Mega Mart
              Location                              Frazer Road, Patna
Vishal Mega Mart
       28. Name of Project                 SOUTH-SIDE EXTENSION OF PATNA JUNCTION
              Location                              Railway Station, Patna
              Client                                   Eastern Railway, Danapur, Patna
              Architect                              M/s. Sen & Lall Consultants Pvt.Ltd.
              Utility                                    Office Building
              No. of Floors                      G + 4
              Built Up Area                      80,000 Sft
              Structure                             RCC Frame
              Foundation                         Under-reamed pile with pile cap
              Approx. Cost                       Rs. 2.2 crore
              Scope of work                    Struct design consultancy
              Consultancy fee                Rs 0.25 lac
              Completion                         Timely
       29.  Name of Project                Dumrao Kothi
              Location                              Frazer Road, Patna
Dumrao Kothi
       30.  Name of Project                J. D. Women’s College
              Location                              Bailey Road, Patna
J. D. Women’s College
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